Sometimes life reserves magical moments for you: The miracle of an encounter, the lightness of a moment, the revelation of the true nature of a place.

The emotions the valley of Noto fills us with over and over again have motivated us to "listen to" these places and see them with “new eyes". Our goal was to chose a palazzo with an intimate Sicilian history and renovate it carefully, with an outlook to the future, as to open its doors to artists, travellers, explorers and "connoisseurs of places and moments", like us.

Gagliardi Gagliardi is a boutique hotel from where the heart of Noto can be lived from a unique and privileged perspective.

The Terrace embraces the historic centre of this baroque city with one gaze, transmitting a feeling of timeless beauty. One can enjoy relaxing in the secluded garden under bitter orange and medlar trees, but still be only one step away from the cultural, artistic and nightlife of the city.

Gagliardi is a place of encounters, combining classic elegance, pieces of art and local handicraft to marvel at, use or even bring home as a souvenir.

Gagliardi is a world of its own, but situated in the middle of the baroque centre of the city. It is a harbour of creativity and culture, designed to see the valley of Noto in a new and original way. It is a timeless place where one enjoys staying no matter if for one day or a whole season.

Gagliardi We feel connected to our past. The future is a tree that grows from the memory of the past. Gagliardi was a master in the Golden Age of the late baroque and shaped the beauty of many buildings of this Unescoworld heritage site. For this reason we celebrate Gagliardi’s masterpieces. Some of the most important buildings of Noto, as well as some unknown masterpieces like the garden of stones are his creation. Our terrace offers a marvellous view over many of his works.

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